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I often hear her play the piano. She taught us singing. I have only five thousand yen. They acted on the information. Let me take care of that for you. Parents are responsible for their children's education. She's smarter than him. I'm very proud of my father. I don't like sitting idle. He really makes me angry.
Lifeframe: - I get up at 5.15.
- It's noisy next door.
- I have college today.
- Tamil is spoken there.
- I lost my key somewhere around here.
- I see. Who's your favorite singer?
- I don't understand.
- I bought it last week.
- Worse things happen at sea.
- The house is big.
She caught colds often. There is an urgent need for water. Will you tell me the way to the station? They are good people. I don't even have time to read. Tom is one of Mary's neighbors. Tom has a bald spot. I think it's time for me to mow the lawn. She got on her bike and rode away. Don't let opportunities pass by.

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