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I am a B.Com., graduate. Tom has to get up early. I never felt this way before I met you. John. Did I hurt his feelings? I'd like you to translate this book into English. I don't want to burden you with my troubles. Everyone always asks me that. I can't put up with her any longer. It's going to be really crowded at the mall. You should shop online.
Gta Sa Gta3 Img: - I agree with you.
- The doctor advised him to cut back on drinking.
- Help me, please.
- I have come to enquire about my son's performance in the class. How is he doing?
- Is 6:00PM OK?
- I think it's unlikely that a situation like this one would ever occur again.
- May I open a can?
- Let's get started.
- I don't like studying.
- I'm already accustomed to the heat of summer.
She called him a liar. Oh, that sounds like fun. When does the group meet? Yes. Certainly. Kevin, what would you like to do? He was wrong in thinking that she'd come to see him. I can't go out because I have a lot of homework. I suggest that the meeting be postponed. How many people work here? He's studying. I think about 170 pounds.

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