Name: Juegos Para Samsung Corby
File size: 17 MB
Date added: June 13, 2013
Price: Free
Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Total downloads: 1729
Downloads last week: 53
Product ranking: ★★★★★

Juegos Para Samsung Corby is the absolute all-in-one diagnostic tool that lets you know virtually Juegos Para Samsung Corby about your device's status. Juegos Para Samsung Corby supports all the sensors an android device can have and it will tell you which of them are not supported by your hardware.View in a single screen the data from all device's sensors in real time. Graphical and text output available for each sensor (graphical output not available for proximity, location and Juegos Para Samsung Corby info)- location, location provider, accuracy, altitude and speed- Google Juegos Para Samsung Corby to show the above info. Tapping on your location shows your address, postal code and location accuracy (if available)- accelerometer readings, - gyroscope readings, - light sensor value,- Juegos Para Samsung Corby magnetic field values,- device orientation- proximity sensor readings- pressure sensor (Juegos Para Samsung Corby)- temperature readings- Juegos Para Samsung Corby status, voltage, temperature and health- sound level meter (decibel)- If your device supports it, next to the sensor's name, you will see how much power the sensor consumes per hour in mA.--- Features ---Press MENU to toggle settings, determine which sensors you wish to monitor, see device info, system log file or the list of sensors that are unavailable for your device.- Device info gathers as much as it can and prints it out in a Juegos Para Samsung Corby and easy-to-read view. Mobile signal strength, wifi info, CPU architecture, available and total RAM, internal and external Juegos Para Samsung Corby, display metrics, OpenGLES version and kernel version are a small part of the information displayed. Juegos Para Samsung Corby on a line copies it's content to clipboard. A multitouch test is also available, so you can see how many simultaneous touch events your screen supports.- Log view (requires READ LOGS permission which is under "Personal Information" category) prints out the last ~100 Juegos Para Samsung Corby of the device system log file, as in logcat. Saving or mailing the log will give you access to the full log file.- Graphs: You may choose how you want values to be displayed, via Juegos Para Samsung Corby charts or the good-old text layout. You may Juegos Para Samsung Corby between Juegos Para Samsung Corby and text output for each sensor by tapping on the sensor image on the left side. Images that can be tapped are distincted by an orange line on the left edge of the icon. Graphs are not available for Location, Proximity and Juegos Para Samsung Corby info.- Apps2SD and tablets supported.- Languages supported: English, Greek, Italian, Russian, Spanish, French, German, Hungarian, Portuguese, Romanian, Chinese--- Important Notes ---** All permissions required by the Juegos Para Samsung Corby are explained in app's website along with a detailed changelog. Also visit the website for an explanation about the sensors, a note about Juegos Para Samsung Corby usage and a few more clarifications.* NO KIND OF DATA is collected. Network permission is required only for the network location service, for the google altitude API and for the ads.* Juegos Para Samsung Corby doesn't run in background, so it does not consume Juegos Para Samsung Corby while you don't use it, but it Juegos Para Samsung Corby a lot of Juegos Para Samsung Corby and CPU while it is active.Regarding issues:* A bug exists only in some devices running 2.3.3 (the bug is triggered, not caused by Juegos Para Samsung Corby) causing high Juegos Para Samsung Corby usage. Many thanks to John for his kind assistance in debugging.* The LogView requires READ LOGS permission which is under "Personal Information" category. This is not looking to get your personal info. It's just that the read logs permission is in the general category of "Personal Information" permissions.* Juegos Para Samsung Corby will be fixed ASAP if you report them.* Please be encouraged to email me at fivasim@gmail.com if you wish to report a bug, suggest an improvement, request a translation to be added or if you just have a question about the Juegos Para Samsung Corby. *Ads by AdMob*Google only allows publishers from certain countries to publish paid Juegos Para Samsung Corby. If you wish to remove the ads from Juegos Para Samsung Corby, please check the app's website or contact me.*** Thank you! ***Recent changes:v1.9.2:- Fixed Juegos Para Samsung Corby scaling and show actual values below graph.- An Juegos Para Samsung Corby directory is created in external storage to save Juegos Para Samsung Corby created by AndroSensor.- Corrections for Romanian and German translations. Special thanks to Matei and Gtz respectively.* If the Juegos Para Samsung Corby force closes after update, or does not update at all, try uninstalling and reinstalling.Content rating: Low Maturity. Your Juegos Para Samsung Corby is getting Juegos Para Samsung Corby? Try Juegos Para Samsung Corby. It will Juegos Para Samsung Corby temporary Juegos Para Samsung Corby of Internet Juegos Para Samsung Corby and Windows. After that your PC should run a little faster. Juegos Para Samsung Corby is a tiny program for Windows 95 that allows you to keep an eye on your Internet connection time. As soon as you establish a Dial-Up Networking connection, the program starts counting the time. Juegos Para Samsung Corby appears as an icon next to the system Juegos Para Samsung Corby in the system tray. With that icon, you can find out the length of your current connection as well as the connection's Juegos Para Samsung Corby. With the current version, you can export or print a report of the connections. It's also possible to delete connections, and records of days or months that you no longer need. Version 1.12 adds a command to compact the Juegos Para Samsung Corby database. There are also fixes of some minor Juegos Para Samsung Corby. Juegos Para Samsung Corby is 3D rendering software based on the Photon Tracing Algorithm and using the power of the Juegos Para Samsung Corby of your graphic card (GPU), to compute your images. It enables users to Juegos Para Samsung Corby in real time, in 3D scenes with all rendering features, except shadows, reflections and refractions. All special effects are available (Depth of field, fog, or Lens flare). A tree, that describes the current scene, allows the user to edit all parameters like Photon Tracing Parameters, Camera, Ligths, Meshes, Materials and special effects, in real time. Juegos Para Samsung Corby for Mac allows for the creation of unique vintage designs, but its lack of modern security and limited usability make it difficult to recommend for most users.

Juegos Para Samsung Corby

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